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The Lord's Gym has been a tremendous help for me. I have lost 25lbs over the last year, and still have a ways to go. At first, I was apprehensive, because I felt I would be the only one fat and out of shape. Then, I realized, there were those people who were in terriffic shape and others like me. I have never felt uncomfortable at all. I realize we are all there to better ourselves not to impress others. I highly recommend The Lord's Gym.
Bill Kelley- Owner: Lone Star BarBQ & Catering & Brookside Landscape & Tree Service.
This gym has changed my life physically, mentally, and spiritually. I haven't felt as good as I do now in years. I highly recommend coming to this gym, if you are serious about getting fit in all aspects of your life. Don't let the good looking people intimidate you, because if you work as hard as they do, you will one day be right here with them. Oh yeah, by the way, the staff is awesome. THANKS LORD'S GYM.
Tommy Rios Jr. - UT Z Crewman
I refer all my friends and family to The Lord's Gym due to the clean and professional atmosphere the gym has. I have children and The Lord's Gym provides a great child care program that my wife and I appreciate.
Lance Hunt- Owner: Cross Country Pest Control
The Lord's Gym has served as my day to day stress release for some time now. Not only do they allow me to improve my body and my mind, but act as a form of healing. In today's world, one should have an outlet, a source of solitude. I don't know of a more pure form than exercise. And The Lord's Gym provides just that and more. If I'm not running miles on the high end high tech Elliptical machine, I'm stretching out and relaxing in the sauna. The Lord's Gym provides me with a wide array of machine weights, machines that would rival any health club in the area. I am afforded all of this and a Christian environment. What more could one ask for, a place to improve my over all way of life and to congregate and meet with fellow men and women like myself. The Lord's Gym is certainly a place I would recommend to anyone who wishes to honor the Lord's temple by taking care of the body he bestowed you.
Aaron Martin- Police Officer, WPD
For over four years now, I have chosen The Lord's Gym as my place of recreation in Waxahachie. I find that The Lord's Gym has all the amenities as most of the health clubs located in the larger metroplex cities. However, those clubs seem to lack the home town hospitality that The Lord's Gym affords. On a weekly basis, I am in and out of the gym, I always receive the same treatment, a greeting with a smile. All the employees and trainers are willing to assist me with any part of my workout or questions in reference to my workout. The staff is always open to comments and or improvement suggestions. It is a child-friendly, Christian oriented environment, one that I recommend for any person who wishes to improve their overall well-being.
Greg Housewright- Police Officer, WPD
I would like to recommend The Lord's Gym to anyone who would like to improve their fitness level. It has all the required machines and weights to do so. The Lord's Gym has an abundance of the latest cardio equipment and several high definition televisions, conveniently located in order to take your mind from your workout. The staff is so courteous, and always there to help you with your routine. The Lord's Gym is family owned and operated by a very well known Christian family. Although there have been several health clubs come and go in Waxahachie, The Lord's Gym has become a staple of the community.
Damon James - Lieutenant Waxahachie PD.
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